Additionally to the listing, Bithumb announced that they will airdrop ICX to every user of its exchange on April 6.

Te the completo downtrend that has extended for a majority of , ICON (ICX) is among the coins that have taken the fattest succesnummer, observing a loss ter value of more than 80% from January highs to latest lows. Ter the past week, however, ICX has more than doubled, and ter the past day alone, has seen a price increase of overheen 40%.

Te the eyes of many speculators and volgers, ICON is a sleeping giant. While this is a large project, with a market cap of close to US$1.Trio billion, many suggest the true value of the project seeking to “hyperconnect the world” lies among the top Five cryptocurrencies. ICX essentially acts a blockchain of blockchains, where different “communities”- such spil networks of banks, universities, or hospitals- create a regional blockchain network, optimized for the specific needs of the community via brainy contracts. If ICX were to appreciate to a spot ter the top Five, its market cap would likely grow to US$Ten billion or more.

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Earlier today, ICX wasgoed listed for exchange on leading Korean exchange, Bithumb. Following the listing, the price instantly hopped almost $US1.00, following a strong start to day where the coin had already grown from $Two.40 to $Two.75. After the initial pump, prices have remained relatively stable. The coin is down slightly from the initial $Trio.54, where it is presently trading at $Trio.33.

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Additionally to the listing, Bithumb announced that they will airdrop ICX to every user of its exchange on April 6. Depending on age of the account, the user will receive anywhere from Two to 20 ICX. It is insanely titillating that ICX, routinely referred to spil “Korean Ethereum”, is available to Koreans for the very very first time. Bithumb is presently the sixth leading exchange by volume, with daily trading volume close to US$1 billion daily.

While this is a fat budge for ICX, it’s still likely that this surge is only the beginning. ICX is presently only available on Bithumb’s fresh exchange program, Bithumb Voordat. It is possible that when ICX is launched on the main Bithumb exchange, a similar surge could be seen with even more Korean traders having access to the next generation cryptocurrency.

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ICX is already watching major usage te Korean industries, and spil the coin proceeds to grow, it’ll be interesting to see if the coin can generate rente and usage te large industries outside of Korea. With the capability to create very specialized almacĂ©n blockchains, it’s plausible to suggest that the benefits provided by ICX can expand to many existing industries.

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