Bithumb Updates On Recovery and Security of The Toneel, Wolfcone

Bithumb wasgoed hacked and 30 billion Korean Won worth cryptocurrency wasgoed stolen on the June 20th. After the incident took place. Bithumb asked its customers to not deposit any funds until further notice. Today Bithumb updated its progress and project on its webstek.

Recovery of the Stolen Crypto Assets

According to Bithumb, they are working together with Cryptocurrency fund foundations and other exchanges to reduce the amount of harm. The Team is going through disaster recovery process and hoping that expecting to recover more cryptocurrency.

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I apologize for the incovenicence to you, wij will do our best to become a leading exchange that can be trusted by our members with more secure and convinent services. said Director Hye Kattenbak Youthfull Wish

All the crypto assets are moved to cold storage wallets and funds are moved to bankgebouw accounts. The number of damages will be covered by the company itself.

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Securing the Verhoging

Bithumb is te a process of improving the wallet system by making it more secure. This process might take some time and due to delay might cause the problem to some investors but this is being done to protect the assets of the investors.

On the other forearm, Bithumb is working with the National Police Agency and AhnLab to find the cause of this incident. They are also programma to release the financial report of the very very first half of te early July.

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  1. Cryptopia has stolen a lotsbestemming of money from random users and now they are continuously delisting coins that you cannot withdraw for one reason or another. They are a bunch of scammers that execute it leisurely which ter the end completes up being even more profitable. Attempting to get far away spil soon spil I can.

  2. I dont use this exchange because has low volume, i choose use Binance, Kucoin, Poloniex and Bithumb . I more like trading te exchange that has high volume so i can get better liquidity. But from other review of trader, Cryptopia is good exchange, you have to voeling their support and wait patiently so the customer support can solve your problem.

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