Buying Reddit Gold with Crypto Will Soon Be Possible Again, NullTX

Reddit made a somewhat controversial decision when they liquidated the option to pay for Reddit Gold with Bitcoin. It wasgoed an unpopular decision, albeit one that made a lotsbestemming of sense. It now seems the webpagina is programma to bring back the Bitcoin payment option. Additionally, the stiff aims to introduce support for other cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum and Litecoin.

The Reddit Gold Dinastía Proceeds

Anyone who has everzwijn perused the self-proclaimed “front pagina of the internet” will have noticed there is an option to buy something called Reddit Gold . This feature offers some unique benefits, such spil not having to see any advertisements on the toneel. Until very recently, it wasgoed possible to purchase a Reddit Gold subscription with Bitcoin, which wasgoed much to the delight of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

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Given the rising Bitcoin network fees and the high transaction times a few months ago, Reddit determined to druppel BTC payments altogether. That decision wasgoed not too popular, for demonstrable reasons, but the company determined to take this treatment regardless. From day one, it became clear this would not be a voortdurend decision, but rather a short-term necessity due to Bitcoin’s ongoing issues.

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Swift forward to this week, and it’s become overduidelijk Reddit is still actively monitoring the cryptocurrency space. CTO Chris Slowe says he is certain that the toneelpodium will bring back cryptocurrency payments te the near future. Unlike what some people may have expected, Reddit will support not only Bitcoin, but Ethereum and Litecoin spil well. Supporting more currencies simply makes a loterijlot of sense.

There are a few reasons why Reddit liquidated the Bitcoin payment option. Albeit the spiking fees were a concern, it also seems the company had to contend with Coinbase API issues. Now that the popular exchange has launched a solution to make cryptocurrency payments a bit lighter, it seems Reddit will give this fresh option a chance at some point. Reddit and Coinbase are working together to incorporate all three cryptocurrency payment options.

Assuming this functionality comes back pretty soon, the cryptocurrency community has something to look forward to. Albeit purchasing Reddit Gold has never bot a primary use case for Bitcoin, having more options to entice newcomers to use BTC is not a bad thing. Moreover, it will be interesting to see how this affects both Ethereum and Litecoin moving forward, spil both currencies direly need more mainstream use cases.

All of this further confirms that the cryptocurrency industry is te a good place right now. There is a lotsbestemming of positive momentum ter this industry spil of right now, albeit it remains unclear if it will last for much longer. For now, wij’ll have to wait and see when Reddit will introduce cryptocurrency payments merienda again.

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