Ter this article, wij will dig ter to find out the most latest drivers behind WAN.

Author: Ivan Delgado Apr 11, at 01:21

The price value of Wanchain (WAN) has bot on a rip spil of late, a counter-intuitive budge, especially considering the selling pressure conditions ter cryptos. Te this article, wij will dig te to find out the most latest drivers behind WAN.

Right off the bat, wij should point out that Wanchain wasgoed listed on Kucoin exchange ter the last 24h, which adds to the positive news of its listing te Binance back te March.

Spil Kucoin announced: &quot, KuCoin is utterly proud to announce yet another superb project coming to our trading toneel. Wanchain(WAN) is now available on KuCoin. Supported trading pairs including WAN/BTC, WAN/ETH.&quot,

Wanchan is also set to be fairly active ter raising awareness spil part of their Ecosystem projects world tour. Wanchain CEO Jack Lu talent a presentation about WAN ecosystems at the Beyond Blocks Summit te Tokyo, Japan on April 5th. The last wij heard about marketing efforts, Wanchain said: &quot,The business development team has bot busy attending several events, conferences and formalizing partnerships with significant projects.&quot,

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Ter terms of the strategic activities, Wanchain has managed to strike some promising deals everzwijn since its inception. The very very first wij learned back ter February wasgoed the partnership announced with KyberNetwork. There are Three key parts to the partnership agreement: 1) Loi Luu joins Wanchain spil an advisor. Two) KyberNetwork will build a decentralized and trustless exchange on Wanchain. Three) Wanchain will collaborate with Kyber Network on the PeaceRelay project.

Afterward, a collaboration with Austin Blockchain Collective (TX) came to fruition, aimed at &quot,advancing blockchain education ter the especĂ­fico community and to support, manage and grow the overall ecosystem.&quot, Dustin Byington, Voorzitter of Wanchain said: &ldquo,The founding participants of the Austin Blockchain Collective recognize the value of a thriving particular blockchain ecosystem.&rdquo,

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However, one of the key drivers behind the buying madness might be the anticipation of 6 projects that will launch on the Wanchain blockchain, with a public announcement at the World Blockchain Forum te Dubai on April 16th. Another announcement due te coming days, judging by Wanchain’s estimates, is the vormgeving for the cross-chain functions. &quot,The developers will finish POC of cross-chain function before mid of April&quot,, the team noted back ter March.

Another catalyst that may have caused the latest pump ter Wanchain, if only due to the psychological effect it has on market participants, is the fact that WAN wasgoed eventually listed ter Coinmarketcap. The webstek is the leader te blockchain market information, with more than 150 million pagina views a month (from a peak of more than 300 million ter Dec/Jan). The listing undoubtedly enhances the exposue and awareness of participants to the project.

Zometeen te the summer of , the Wanchain Two.0 alpha and beta releases are due. Spil Wanchain notes: &quot,This release will demonstrate the cross-chain capabilities of the Wanchain blockchain with the Ethereum blockchain using Secure Multi-Party Computation. This will be the beginning of building powerful dApps on the Wanchain blockchain that can get access to digital assets that are native to any outer blockchain.&quot,

The WAN community is also awaiting updates on the fresh WAN wallet (version 1.1) which will be released &quot,after Ledger&rsquo,s official approval on code integration&quot,, Wanchain wrote ter its last update. On top of that, an integration with the Ledger Nano is being worked out. &quot,There is no ETA for Ledger support for WAN at this time, but wij anticipate that the support will be released within the next Trio weeks&quot,, Wanchain wrote back ter late March.

To find out a list of all the events, you can visit the latest Wanchain progress update.

From a more macro standpoint, another significant divisor to be aware of is the ongoing shift towards an increase te the allocation of acontecer into Altstem coins (including WAN) ter detriment of BTC, spil wij explained below back on March 22:

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Judging by the price activity via Binance, the price has traveled from 55k satoshis all the way up to 67k te the last 24h. Spil the 30m portrays, the buying volume has bot consistent, albeit the sequence of bull candles each carried a lesser amount of volume, which combined with the increase te sell-side volume off 67k high, suggests the prospects for a correction towards the area of support inbetween 60-62k, where both a horizontal support and the POC (Point of Control) are found. At this point, given the accumulation of volume for days inbetween 53 and 56k satoshis, the area, if re-tested, should act spil a ey stronghold for buyers to hop back te.

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