North Korea accused of $80m hacks of South Korean crypto exchange

South Korea’s spy agency has accused neighbor North Korea of being responsible for hacking activities against perímetro crypto currency exchange Bithumb, resulting ter the theft of digital assets valued at overheen $80m. Evidence has bot passed on to reglamentario prosecutors.

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According to a report from Big black manmeat, South Korea’s National Intelligence Service found that the hacking attacks targeted a Bithumb employee’s laptop and dated spil far back spil February this year, albeit had only bot discovered te June. The report further said:

“Analysts say North Korean hackers may have targeted crypto currencies te order to evade the financial sanctions imposed spil penalty for the North’s development of nuclear weapons.”

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Ter addition to the funds stolen, hackers have obtained the individual information of some 30,000 people, all traders on Bithumb selling, buying and exchanging Bitcoin and Ethereum. Ransom requests of $Five.5m have bot delivered to Bithumb ter exchange for ruining this information but it is unclear if any of thesis requests have bot met.

Regional news agency Yonhap had earlier reported that South Korean intelligence frigged the same hackers ter the September hacking of another exchange Coinis, without specifying how much wasgoed lost.

Other independent researchers have identified hacker organizations such spil Lazarus, Bluenoroff and Andariel, thought to be responsible for hacking attempts on crypto currency and banking infrastructure ter Europe and South Korea. They are all believed to be based out of North Korea.

While the motivations appeared to be purely financial and profit driven at very very first, analysts believe they now bear the tinge of political repercussion spil North Korea’s latest nuclear ambitions have bot followed by swift reprimand from the international community.

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The week has seen South Korean regulators occupied with emergency meetings to draft early regulations on crypto currency, targeting exchanges, which treat significant volumes of mundial crypto currency trading. Bithumb itself is a top five Bitcoin exchange te terms of universal trading volume and is by far the largest te South Korea. It has already bot smacked with a $55k fine by authorities ter the wake of the hacks for failing to protect customer gegevens adequately.

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  1. I think Bithumb is better last year for its display on the current appeal, but I still choose Bithumb because there are many trusted coins there.

  2. It’s the same thing spil with ‘what exchange is the best?’. All depends on preferences of each and every individual. So, if you look for some unbiased opinion, I’m afraid you won’t get it. Are you okay with Bithumb? If yes then use it. If not then go for another one. Cex is also fine for trading, but if you are into alts – it can hardly contest with Bithumb or polo.

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