Brink to Improve Security via Hard Fork

Edge has announced that the hard fork of the coin will occur on block 1 824 150. The decision wasgoed made because some mining pools were not running the latest codebase, and spil a result some stealth transactions did not get confirmed. Brink attempted to soft fork, but not enough pools participated. The fresh hard fork will assure that miners are up to date and process stealth transactions.

Edge Tweet Regarding Hard Fork

What is more, the hard fork will make sure all transactions will be processed and confirmed even quicker, and it will not affect coins te the wallet. After the hard fork, the users will have 6 days to update their wallets to then still have access to their funds. Moreover, balances at any exchanges will not be affected by the hard fork.

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Brink latest block at the uur of press

Spil soon spil the stealth transaction will be activated with hard fork at block 1 824 150, at the uur of writing the last activated block wasgoed 1820480, and the estimated time until the Edge hard fork is 30:31 hours.

Presently, the price of Edge is falling down, it decreased 15% within past 24 hours and 30% during past 7 days, having moved the coin to the 26th place ter the list of coins ranked by market capitalization.

At the uur of press, thesis are main market parameters of Brink:

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The developer of bitcoin and blockchain solutions, Blockstream, introduced a beta version of c-lightning (v0.6), which is one of the main implementations of the Lightning Network protocol.

The company blog says that the fresh version of the c-lightning solution is based on a fresh architecture that is modular, spil well spil more nimble and scalable.

Te particular, te version 0.6 c-lightning implemented:

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  • Lightweight maf: Previous releases required a utter bitcoind wrong running alongside c-lightning, to provide access to the Bitcoin network. This release still requires the bitcoin-cli utility to be present, but it can now talk to remote krankjorum spil well, including some lightweight maf such spil spruned.
  • The gossip protocol has bot updated to use a more lightweight bandwidth mechanism that asks for specific information, rather than exchanging utter network views spil the previous release did. This is particularly significant for low-powered and mobile devices that would otherwise spend a lotsbestemming of bandwidth and energy downloading and verifying information they already have.
  • API stability: The c-lightning JSON-RPC interface and supporting libraries have bot redesigned te order to minimize switches ter future releases. This API stability should make it effortless for other projects to build on top of c-lightning because wij will support this version of the API for the foreseeable future, maintaining backward compatibility, should wij introduce any switches.
  • Wallet and sync: c-lightning now includes a full-fledged wallet that manages both on-chain and off-chain funds. There is no more raw transaction treating! All funds are automatically tracked and returned to the internal wallet spil soon spil possible, with no user interaction required. Ter addition the blockchain tracking now maintains an internal view of the blockchain, ending long blockchain rescans.
  • TOR support: c-lightning now supports connecting to knuppel overheen the TOR network, auto-registering spil a hidden service, and accepting incoming connections overheen TOR.
  • The payment logic has undergone a major overhaul to support automatic retries for routing failures, randomization of route selection, and better terugkoppeling about the current state of a payment.

Director for Strategic Development Blockstream Samson Moeder noted that to date there are already three beta versions of the main implementations of the Lightning Network protocol – Eclair, lnd & c-lightning.

He also stressed that since the launch of the Blockstream Store ter January, the Lightning Network has grown by more than 16 000% and presently it has 7,800 payment channels.

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