Bitcoin Gold Tightens Wallet Security, Warns of Compromised Wallets

Bitcoin Gold had a rough start, very very first with an online wallet that stole private keys, and then with a compromised core wallet with a doctored verkeersopstopping. The wallet, planted through an unknown rust into the project’s GitHub pagina, managed to create corrupted addresses where the hacker could access a copy of the private key.

The Bitcoin Gold team has listed the compromised addresses, hoping users would see them. Wij are copying the list te total:

  1. GadEpgad3RZsVUPHwjCGb9FtjtKGzRb5sG
  2. GaQSYNHY4Q2SwMZzDijZinNxAhLQEsssSi
  3. GcCZQcQpAk79CptpLeFv4qqtBGG7CcTVQm
  4. GcmMn69VcmvxMiejDKQj2QdZWTBjLhKYrt
  5. GcwmbqCB4qW41GpaZDaQ5o2ZRw1yYKpjr7
  6. GeuKzeHAQj6vWPTejjuAHbmxkY5UtPtgi2
  7. Gg52PSpgeyg4bFTXAbbYNqDSL1orvLnUbD
  8. GgkPYo3BHjSUkn1jk9GmQuw5RffijddofM
  9. GLa8GNp7koQRCY1NJJBQPrc342iFRMD7pW
  10. GLRr1J5iChrYqJ5CQedb2pVQhGrn5MEJ7r
  11. GNRiT5NKJv4b7d1izCTdkUrsNobWncHhog
  12. GPq2YvYYGbHB4iQio9gc1nHGE152Ee3iXb
  13. GQ67xcbvzz6gwE1XGmoscBVD7D4JmQBDdw
  14. GR3U9aBbGpbabQhZQM4A8mgA66ysfgayUc
  15. GTqxcgqkUJ7iiCVCQkms1DZ4qU5LXT7XDN
  16. GVwGdrvEu9hKqdnxpUKw4YVxzbkkGoWgsQ
  17. GWAh7w5SaPqvBEPvnrmJXcqR93cyLMFsiN
  18. GX4wntkpnSKE2WzztLy8zFr4Lffw42PmGW
  19. GXAvw7EfhhrQYBnGX39RtphWqP6edZewZh
  20. GXCeqB31yk7TvAXBnvukfYMn3pB1DxjhuL
  21. GXmwNeoQaDFcV9Hq7B6ihngTqsgN6YTV6c
  22. GYcnBB2nti5M7WhyE8QKYXxgZHpnmfHuyn
  23. GYkopFW15LiU9vcquWdhmbAjb7LsYCXjQ6
  24. GYLoy3GGCDeebEfybBW1VYu5qpP6BN3kCm
  25. GYPU5kjhfFV7k15W3pD4m4esRwkjkvXJLX
  26. GZbNy3F7P7URg1oUfJ5QWbWR9WgMGDAWXq
  27. GZLaJ7y2Sasgo64GQthgYFJAxLpAHJowUp

Before that, the Bitcoin Gold team discovered the pusilánime wallets and emptied them into a custodial wallet. Spil of December, there are no gegevens of compromised BTG wallets.

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“After the Suspicious Verkeersopstopping incident that wij reported on November 26th, our staff conducted a security audit, performed password rotations and 2FA reset for all accounts with access to critical facilities including (but not limited to) Github, and implemented rigorous security measures and protocols to greatly enhance safety and ensure this does not toebijten again,” wrote the team.

A corrupted verkeersopstopping created wallet addresses where the private keys could have bot derived ter a known way, hence making the wallets insecure.

What is a “Poisoned” Wallet Address:

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While GitHub exposed the IP addresses through which the hacker planted the verkeersopstopping, the lead did not listig to the discovery of the person.

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Users are urged to download the newest version of the core wallet with the right checksums, if they create a fresh wallet. Wallets created at the end of November were compromised. While the altered verkeersopstopping does not pose other threats, users are urged to delete the wallet software to avoid further creation of unsafe addresses.

Please do keep ter mind if you need habitual support for any kwestie BTG related, email us at [email protected] thanks ter advance.

For funds taken ter by the team at address GLGUbxkU5kFJ7wvvWkWKwYxGhUyVTYmUgF, BTG users are urged to voeling the BTG team via social media channels and prove their funds have bot moved.

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