OmiseGo (OMG) Holds Onto Gains, Trading Volumes Keep Hitting Records

The OMG digital asset is striving to showcase its strength, hovering near the $20 level, while accumulating positive news.

OmiseGo(OMG) is one of the slow-growing assets, which however heated up ter the past days, reaching record volumes. With Bithumb trading launching, OMG may expect a higher activity, spil well spil enlargened popularity.

Most OMG markets are concentrated ter Asia, and the project team is focused on popularizing its achievements for the Asian audience. The expected AMA on Reddit keeps OMG ter the zoeklicht for now. Another latest advantage for OMG is an audit seeking vulnerabilities ter the clever contract, ensuring that OMG is safe from tampering:

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Yet the market price has remained volatile, and OMG slipped by around 8% nipt te the past day, keeping only partial gains at $Eighteen.54. However, a sea switch has come overheen OMG, spil volumes have set records three days te a row, after Bithumb launched its pairs.

The Korean exchange instantly took more than 9% of total OMG trading volumes, however the price achieved wasgoed a bit lower, the omschrijving of $17.73.

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The coming days will vertoning if OMG keeps the volumes and the price gains. The asset has shown habitual sliding back to spil low spil $7, almost always erasing gains.

Te the past days, OMG also announced the project would be boycotting the Overeenstemming conference, organized by Coindesk. Vitalik Buterin also announced the boycott. The reason for this wasgoed a posting linking to a potential OMG scam that threatened to expose private keys.

But there is another undercurrent that may support the OMG price. For now, Binance is the most popular toneel for PelĂ­cula del Oeste investors to reach OMG. Yet Coinbase and GDAX rumors are circulating, based on the announcement that Coinbase is working on ERC-20 functionalities.

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OMG has bot pointed out spil a strong candidate for listing, but so far, additions to Coinbase have only reached the hype stage for many coins. OMG has an advantage for being the only Ethereum ICO project that is still continuously backed by Vitalik Buterin, both ter terms of technological solutions and popularization.

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