The most latest is the largest ill luck of Bithumb, South Korean Crypto exchanger who has lost a fortune to hackers.

Cyber attacks and security breach seem to be a major concern trailing the world of technology. Wij are yet to recover from the ransomware attack where the hackers requested for bitcoin spil their ransom, here is another fresh bitcoin theft. Digital currencies seem to be the gold mine of our time spil bitcoin resumes to build up more value.

The most latest is the largest ill luck of Bithumb, South Korean Crypto exchanger who has lost a fortune to hackers. Motherboard reports Bithumb to be the fourth largest crypto dealer ter terms of volume and had hopped to very very first position on the Wednesday before the theft. The missing bitcoin may worth about $65 million. A more pressing concern is the fact that it wasgoed employees’ computers were hacked spil Bithumb reported:

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The employee PC, not the lead server wasgoed hacked. Individual information such spil mobile phone numbers and email addresses of some users were leaked. However some customers were found to have stolen from because of the disposable password used ter electronic financial transaction

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The news on the theft wasgoed instantaneously reported to the authority and Yonhap news agency reports that investigations are underway to ascertain the mastermind behind the theft and determine the state of the stolen bitcoin. Overheen 30,000 users had their gegevens leaked. Albeit they did not contain their passwords, there are reports of stolen funds. A regional user claimed to have lost $8700 of bitcoin. At the time of the theft,1 bitcoin wasgoed valued at $2545.

Crypto theft emerges to be a prevalent punt te South Korea spil there wasgoed a similar occurrence ter April this year when a smaller cryptocurrency exchanger lost millions of dollars to hackers. Ter retrospect, security experts have warned against entrusting funds to a third party company.

Spil cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin and etherium proceed to soar te value, criminals will proceed to eye businesses that overeenkomst ter sizeable cryptocurrencies. Yet, there is no assured security.

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  2. Attempting to support via facebook without response, toegangsbewijs support tells it to be 72 hours, for something that would be virtually instant. It may not be a scam, but it’s utterly slow and I do not recommend it, because it’s frustrating to know if I’ll be stolen from my coin or when it will be credit

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