This could have bot a lotsbestemming worse.

Bithumb hack investors repaid: Another week, another crypto exchange hack. Last Monday, June 11, the world awoke to the news of the Coinrail hack. This week, another South Korean exchange wasgoed also hacked. This time around it wasgoed Bithumb. Ter the Bithumb hack, toughly $30M ter digital assets wasgoed stolen.

Don’t worry, however – Bithumb has confirmed that investors will be fully compensated.

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Bithumb Hack: How it Went Down

On Wednesday, June 20th, Bithumb posted on social media that the crypto exchange had bot hacked, with the amount lost totaling to $30M. Of course, this caused instantaneous scare te the crypto sphere.

Before the fear could spread, however, Bithumb retracted its statement shortly after it wasgoed released. This project backfired, spil Bithumb deleted its statement without providing any clarification on the matter, causing the public to become more upset and panicked.

The reason for the retraction, according to a Bithumb spokesperson, is that the company needed to finish its investigation into the breach very very first. After that, the public could be informed.

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That’s exactly what happened today, June 21st.

The Coetáneo Details: Bithumb Hack Investors Repaid

Today, Bithumb confirmed that a hack did take place, and a total of $30M wasgoed lost. While the amount lost is severe, developers and the Bithumb security team are already waist-deep ter the recovery process of customer assets that were stolen. Bithumb is working with KISA to recover some of the funds that were stolen.

This could have bot a lotsbestemming worse. Bithumb could have bot late on reporting the incident, which means portions of the funds could have bot unrecoverable by then. Plus, Bithumb (tho’ this would have sparked public outcry) could have chosen not to compensate investors for the losses.

Bithumb posted two statements regarding compensation, with one telling “the amount of harm that occurred this time will be fully covered by Bithumb’s own company fund.”

Then, on Twitter, the crypto exchange wrote:

Wij care about you guys , and wij have something that will compensate your loss if you had any. Either way you can join !

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The Bithumb Hack Takeaway

The hacking of crypto exchanges is not fresh. Many have fallen victim to it, while others are waiting for their turn. And when it comes to all exchanges, the challenge is protecting user funds. That’s why it’s so serious when a crypto exchange hack occurs.

Fortunately, the Bithumb hack wasgoed resolved quickly, and a solution is on the way. The amount lost is still bad, but hopefully, Bithumb will be able to learn from this and perhaps add toegevoegd security features.

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  2. Cryptopia has stolen a lotsbestemming of money from random users and now they are continuously delisting coins that you cannot withdraw for one reason or another. They are a bunch of scammers that execute it leisurely which te the end finishes up being even more profitable. Attempting to get far away spil soon spil I can.

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