It is overduidelijk Bithumb is going down on an interesting path.

Cryptocurrency is still pretty big te the country of South Korea. More specifically, the region is stulp to fairly a few big cryptocurrency exchanges. Bithumb, one of the largest exchanges ter the country, is now looking to make another big budge. More specifically, they want to bring ATMs to market ter the very near future.

It is overduidelijk Bithumb is going down on an interesting path. This particular cryptocurrency exchange has made quiebro a name for itself overheen the past few months. They are one of the market leaders te South Korea when it comes to cryptocurrency trading volume. Additionally, the company also has brick-and-mortar offices for users who want advice or have any questions. So far, thesis ventures seem to be panning out fairly nicely.

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A Bold Budge by Bithumb

Even so, companies such spil Bithumb are always looking to improve their position. It now seems the company wants to bring cryptocurrency ATMs to the entire country. That is a remarkable venture, albeit it is not spil unlikely spil one might think. South Korea is very open-minded when it comes to cryptocurrencies and anything is possible ter this country right now.

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Venturing into the ATM business will certainly be an interesting choice. It seems the company has partnered with a few different manufacturers ter South Korea spil of right now. Uno Space, TROS Systems, and IYU are all part of this ongoing venture spil wij speak. This does confirm Bithumb will not develop the kiosks in-house, albeit their services will be integrated on the software side of things.

Moreover, it seems Bithumb aims to provide the cheapest Bitcoin ATM service. Their current project is to be at least 10% cheaper than any competitor. That will be quiebro an interesting development to keep an eye on. For the time being, his fresh project certainly sounds appealing. Bringing more cryptocurrency services to the market is always a good thing. Whether or not it will lead to more adoption, remains to be determined.

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  1. I also used this exchange and so far not any problem with them. My Deposit, Trading activity and withdrawal running slickly. This is good exchange and many altcoin available to trade there, just need more volume.

  2. I think Bithumb is better last year for its display on the current appeal, but I still choose Bithumb because there are many trusted coins there.

  3. Yes you are right Bithumb also I think is very nice because there were merienda had utterly high trading volume each day before the existence of a market binance that current trading volume can tempo Bithumb. so I think that has a market with high trading volumes.

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