Now, it may be up to users to voeling exchanges and wallet providers.

The hard fork for Bitcoin Diamond has gone through at the appointed block, 495,866, and OKEx has already announced trading would start.

$BCD BORN . At Nov.24 GMT 9:20am .

Bitcoin Diamond ($BCD) successfully forked at block height 495866 and 28 integral exchanges launched !!

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Binance, OKEx and more than 20 other exchanges, mostly te China and Korea, may add the asset.

But Twitter comments were already skeptical of the wallets listed on the official site- despite the disclaimer, after the latest theft of inbetween $Three and $Four million from Bitcoin Gold owners, no one is so plucky spil to attempt out unknown wallets for the freshly mined coin.

It is also unknown if the exchanges are accepting contemporáneo deposits, or if they are trading a improvised muziekinstrument.

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At the ogenblik, YoBit is already trading the asset, exposing a wild price fluctuation inbetween 0.1BTC and 0.006 BTC. The asset is not yet listed on CoinMarketCap. The promedio price on the day of the fork wasgoed around $110.

The appearance of Bitcoin Diamond coincides with a leap te the price of Bitcoin Gold, which has embarked trading at a premium on BitHumb. The price doubled ter the last day to around $500, spil users re-focused their attention on growth, while still rattled by the wallet theft.

For now, wallet providers have managed to support Bitcoin Gold. Now, it may be up to users to voeling exchanges and wallet providers. For now, Bitcoin Diamond has not even released a GitHub repository, and wallet providers would need to get acquainted with the code very very first, spil Trezor did before deeming Bitcoin Gold safe.

Bitcoin Diamond is being traded on smaller, positivo exchanges and selling it may be fairly difficult without toegevoegd accounts and risks. At the ogenblik, Binance seems to be one of the safest options, but it is best to wait until exchanges permit for deposits. The selling-off of Bitcoin Diamond may not toebijten instantaneously and actually take months.

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  1. Yes the Bithumb is good since then the graphics are beautiful and it’s just quick to get it right here because you’ll know it’s down and the rise of the picture so it’s effortless to learn beginner here so I think it’s just a puny punt te this because you need to verify an account so you can withdraw trading.

  2. I have exchanged with them and had no issues. The webstek hardly freezes and if you have an punt tech support is quick.

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