On Wednesday, bitcoin slipped Eighteen procent.

SEOUL (Reuters) – South Korean policymakers joined the universal chorus of virtual-coin critics on Thursday, telling Seoul is considering shutting down domestic potencial currency exchanges spil the fresh breedgeschouderd of market exposes users to speculative madness and crime.

The country&rsquo,s raunchy stance comes spil policymakers from the United States to Germany fight to come up with stricter regulation against money laundering and other crimes.

Responding to questions ter parliament, South Korea&rsquo,s chief of the Financial Services Commission said: &ldquo,(The government) is considering both shutting down all almacén posible currency exchanges or just the ones who have bot violating the law.&rdquo,

Separately, Bankgebouw of Korea Governor Lee Ju-yeol told a news conference that &ldquo,cryptocurrency is not a permitido currency and is not being used spil such spil of now.&rdquo,

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Regulators around the world are still debating how to address risks posed by cryptocurrencies, spil bitcoin, the world&rsquo,s most popular imaginario currency, soared more than 1,700 procent last year.

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Prices have plummeted since South Korea announced last week it may kerkban domestic cryptocurrency exchanges. On Wednesday, bitcoin glided Permitido procent.

According to Bithumb, South Korea&rsquo,s second-largest imaginario currency exchange, the nation&rsquo,s bitcoin trading price stood at 15,697,000 won ($14,690.Sixty-nine) spil of 0314 GMT on Thursday.

On the Luxembourg-based Bitstamp exchange, bitcoin wasgoed traded at $11,750.

Hong Nam-ki, minister of the office for government policy co-ordination, said that opinions on cryptocurrency trading are sharply divided within the government, but vowed to make a decision on regulations during Thursday&rsquo,s parliamentary session.

South Korea&rsquo,s justice minister said last week the ministry wasgoed preparing a bill to kerkban cryptocurrency trading, which sent bitcoin prices sharply lower and threw the market into turmoil.

The shift toward tighter regulation sparked strong reaction from many South Koreans, thousands of whom signed a petition on the webstek of the presidential Blue House to zekering a geobsedeerd on cryptocurrency trading.

On Thursday, the Mannetjesgeit governor said the central bankgebouw had begun looking into the market&rsquo,s influence on the economy.

&ldquo,Wij have commenced looking at evidente currency from a long-term standpoint, spil central banks could commence issuing digital currencies ter the future. This sort of research has begun at the Handelsbank of International Settlements and wij are part of that research.&rdquo,

Toegevoegd reporting by Christine Kim, Editing by Sam Holmes and Jacqueline Wong

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