Today Ter Cryptocurrency: $30 Million Stolen From Bithumb Exchange, Tether Confirms Dollar Reserves, Benzinga

The cryptocurrency cooled on Wednesday, with most major cryptocurrencies trading down less than 1 procent on the day. Here&rsquo,s a look at some of the headlines that were moving the cryptocurrency market today &mdash, and which currencies were on the stir.


It&rsquo,s a headline that has become all-too-familiar ter the cryptocurrency world: another cryptocurrency exchange wasgoed hacked, this time ter South Korea. Bithumb says at least $30 million of coins were stolen from its exchange, one of the busiest ter the country. Earlier this month, Cybersecurity hard Doorslag Black estimated that about $1.1 billion ter cryptocurrencies have bot stolen so far ter .

Cryptocurrency hard Tether has released documents from law hard Freeh, Sporkin & Sullivan LLP that attests that Tether had enough U.S. dollar reserves to back all of its potencial currency spil of the beginning of June. The report comes a week after researchers from the University of Texas found that Tether may have bot used to artificially inflate the price of bitcoin during its large rise.

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Bitcoin critic and Goldman Sachs Group Inc (NYSE: GS) CEO Lloyd Blankfein told the Economic Club of Fresh York that bitcoin is &ldquo,not for mij.&rdquo, Blankfein confirmed he doesn&rsquo,t own any bitcoin, but conceded it would be &ldquo,too pedant&rdquo, to entirely dismiss the possibility of a mainstream impasible cryptocurrency at some point te the future.

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Price Activity

The Bitcoin Investment Trust (OTC: GBTC) traded at $Ten.96, down 0.Trio procent.

Here&rsquo,s how several top crypto investments fared Monday. Prices are spil of Three:45 p.m. ET and reflect the previous 24 hours.

  • Bitcoin gained 0.Four procent to $6,782,
  • Ethereum gained 0.Three procent to $536,
  • Ripple declined 0.Five procent to 54 cents,
  • Bitcoin Contant declined 0.6 procent to $889,
  • EOS declined 0.8 procent to $Ten.53.

The three cryptocurrencies with at least $1-million market caps that have made the fattest gains overheen the past 24 hours are:

  • Juices: $1.3-million market cap, 194.9-percent build up.
  • Fantomcoin: $1.2-million market cap, 84.3-percent build up.
  • Carboncoin: $Two.0-million market cap, 79.1-percent build up.

The three cryptocurrencies zevenklapper hardest te the past 24 hours were:

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  • LiteDoge: $1.1-million market cap, 42.0-percent decline.
  • BunnyCoin: $1.5-million market cap, 31.6-percent decline.
  • KiloCoin: $Four.7-million market cap, 27.6-percent decline.

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