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Transactions are created for every order that results te an exchange of money.

There are five types of transactions:

  • Authorization: An amount reserved against the cardholder’s funding source. Money does not switch forearms until the authorization is captured.
  • Sale: An authorization and capture performed together te a single step.
  • Capture: A transfer of the money that wasgoed reserved during the authorization stage.
  • Void: A cancellation of a pending authorization or capture.
  • Refund: A partial or total comeback of captured funds to the cardholder. A refund can toebijten only after a capture is processed.

Refund transactions voorwaarde be created by using the Refund resource.

An order can have no more than 100 transactions associated with it.

What you can do with Transaction

The Shopify API lets you do the following with the Transaction resource. More detailed versions of thesis genérico deeds may be available:

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Transaction properties

The amount of money that the transaction wasgoed for.

The authorization code associated with the transaction.

The date and time (ISO 8601 format) when the transaction wasgoed created.

The three-letter code (ISO 4217 format) for the currency used for the payment.

The ID for the device.

The name of the gateway the transaction wasgoed issued through. A list of gateways can be found on Shopify’s payment gateways pagina.

The ID for the transaction.

The transaction’s type. Valid values:

  • authorization: Money that the customer has agreed to pay. The authorization period can be inbetween 7 and 30 days (depending on your payment service) while a store waits for a payment to be captured.
  • capture: A transfer of money that wasgoed reserved during the authorization of a shop.
  • sale: The authorization and capture of a payment performed te one single step.
  • void: The cancellation of a pending authorization or capture.
  • refund: The partial or utter terugwedstrijd of captured money to the customer.

A string generated by the payment provider with reserve information about why the transaction succeeded or failed.

The ID for the order that the transaction is associated with.

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Information about the credit card used for this transaction. It has the following properties:

  • avs_result_code: The response code from the address verification system. The code is a single letterteken, see this chart for the codes and their definitions.
  • credit_card_bin: The issuer identification number (IIN), formerly known spil handelsbank identification number (BIN) of the customer’s credit card. This is made up of the very very first few digits of the credit card number.
  • credit_card_company: The name of the company that issued the customer’s credit card.
  • credit_card_number: The customer’s credit card number, with most of the leading digits redacted.
  • cvv_result_code: The response code from the credit card company indicating whether the customer entered the card security code, or card verification value, correctly. The code is a single letterteken or empty string, see this chart for the codes and their definitions.

The ID of an associated authorization transaction. Include this ter the Postbode request when you create a capture transaction to associate it with an authorization.

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A transaction receipt linked to the transaction by the gateway. The value of this field depends on which gateway the shop is using.

The origin of the transaction. This is set by Shopify and can’t be overridden. Example values: web , pos , iphone , and android .

The status of the transaction. Valid values: pending , failure , success , and error .

Whether the transaction is a test transaction.

The ID for the user who wasgoed logged into the Shopify POS device when the order wasgoed processed, if applicable.


Retrieve only transactions after the specified ID.

Display only certain fields, specifed by a comma-separated list of fields names.

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