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VeChain, the Chinese blockchain company which already boasts several partnerships has just announced a partnership with a major logistics company to produce a fresh blockchain application.

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DB Schenker announced a partnership with VeChain to develop supply chain and logistics solutions. Through the partnership, the companies have co-developed a decentralized application to be deployed on the VeChain blockchain, which is soon to re-brand to VeChainThor.

The application is expected to score business fucking playmates for DB Schenker, providing the company insights into the quality of its suppliers. This application is one of the very very first of its kleuter for VeChain but could be the embark of many similar applications te the future.

Ter a statement, the Foundation touted the agreement:

By collaborating with third-party logistics providers te China, DB Schenker can opoffering extensive and seamless logistics solutions across China for any industry and trade. However, the immense potential of such a comprehensive logistics network is challenged by the complexity of measuring the spectacle and service quality of their business vrouwen.

DB Schenker, a Deutsche Bahn AG subsidiary, concentrates on supply chain services for its parent company. It has overheen 68,000 logistics experts te Two,000 locations across air, sea, riel, and ground transportation. Te China specifically, where VeChain is based, Schenker employs Five,700 logistics specialists te more than 60 cities across the country.

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The company is working towards a future which provides harmony te logistics and supply chain management, one which it believes VeChain provides the best possible gezondheidsbevorderend. Compared to other potential vrouwen wij evaluated, VeChain embarked its blockchain business early and had already implemented some successful use cases te logistics. They suggested a high level of plasticity ter development, which wasgoed of major importance to us.

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Spil a blockchain solution for the supply chain and logistics markets, VeChain has already developed solutions for the automotive, luxury goods, food/cold storage, and other cardinal industries. This partnership with Schenker represents a key budge forward for the Chinese-based blockchain company te the supply chain management and inalterable logistics industries.

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