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Monday, June 25,

PR: Ingot Leads the Formation of Komorebi Alliance

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It is no secret that the latest volatility te the market has bot extreme with Bitcoin and Ethereum prices te freefall. Market participants are suffering losses but also given the chance to invest at lower prices to build up if the market pulls up.

Cryptocurrency investor Brian Kelly, states on CCN “Referring back to the basic rule of investing, Kelly noted that during a period te which the market is enormously bullish and optimistic, it is better to sell and eye a timely chance to come te and when the market is overly pessimistic, it is wise to look for a position to inject.”

Bitcoin originally wasgoed supposed to opoffering an efficient means of transferring money overheen the internet and is managed by a decentralized network with a semitransparent set of rules, thus presenting an alternative to central handelsbank managed fiat money. Market participants switched from geeks and believers ter Blockchain to funds and investors looking to make profit with the uptrend volatile market. This led people to overlook the primary function of Bitcoin which wasgoed to efficiently transfer money overheen the internet with no control from central banks.

This is affecting the entire markets including the fresh ICOs and tokens. Fresh ICOs and tokens are simply being invested ter to sell merienda listed and build up whatever discount rate the ICO is suggesting. Most of the time thesis tokens are tied to the price volatility and movement of Bitcoin and Ethereum. INGOT Coin has bot studying the market cautiously te order to develop te ways that separated from Bitcoin and Ethereum spil well spil their price volatility

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INGOT Coin intends to foster building an interconnected completo community of trust and cooperation on which the onderstel of honesty and transparency inbetween its members exist. INGOT is well on its way ter making a breakthrough ter Crypto & financial markets by presenting a revolutionary gateway towards an all-inclusive environment. The vision and aim of INGOT is to provide the community with presente Utility value whether Bitcoin wasgoed at a fresh low or high. To achieve that aim INGOT has partnered with numerous ICOs te order to provide numerous Utilities with an access from one toneelpodium. INGOT also does not almohadilla their coin on Ethereum or Bitcoin but rather on USD value.

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The ICOs are all te different industries from Health to Financial services and E-commerce to Existente Estate. INGOT Coin, GMEX-Group, BolttCoin, Modern Finance Chain (MFChain), SwachhCoin, Black.Insure, PlaceToRent (PTRT), Bineuro and Stella have all formed a unified gevelbreedte under one alliance. The group of ICOs along with GMEX project to establish a single toneelpodium that will permit all their communities to use their utilities at the same time. Furthermore, plans of enabling different discounts among each one of the ICOs is being discussed ter order to give edge to all participants.

Providing all those different Utilities through one gateway will provide true value to the tokens and the end users. Ter providing auténtico utility to different tokens and access from one point it is clear that the latter will be the value of the tokens and not the price and volatility of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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