Five Cryptocurrencies Had Overheen 1, 000 GitHub Commits ter 2017, NullTX

Gauging the evidente value of any cryptocurrency has always bot difficult. Many people look at the market cap or the value vanaf coin. Others look at the number of network transactions and how many merchants accept it spil a form of payment. Another area worth looking into is how many commits and merges are conducted by people contributing to individual currencies and projects. When looking at this metric, there are some interesting trends ter existence right now.

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Github Activity is Meaningful

Albeit the activity on GitHub is not the primary indicator of any cryptocurrency’s value, it’s not something that should be overlooked either. It should be noted that the quantity of commits is something that can be manipulated with relative ease. Switching one letterteken ter the code or adding a non-function will serve spil a commit when just looking at the numbers. Then again, when projects voorstelling very few commits overheen the span of a year, it is overduidelijk that there may not be much value to it after all.

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To that end, there is one big currency which had literally zero GitHub commits across . Unsurprisingly, that is Dogecoin , a currency which has seen little to no major switches for fairly some time now. Assuming the community can find a fresh lead developer te the near future, wij may eventually see some activity to wiggle things up. At the same time, Dogecoin attained a US$1 billion market cap not too long ago. This simply confirms that developer activity is not the only contributing multiplicador for valuations thesis days.

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It is finta interesting to see how Ripple and XRP got a total of 271 commits via . This further indicates that a lotsbestemming of things are happening behind the scenes, even tho’ most people willingly disregard them. It is not a cryptocurrency by any open up of the imagination, but there’s slew of reason to pay attention to its infrastructure. How all of thesis commits will pan out te the long run has yet to be determined. Ripple had more commits than Bitcoin Unlimited and BitConnect, but far fewer than most other main crypto-assets.

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