Reuters, which included the Bitcoin index te its gegevens last month, did not mention the status of the companies involved .

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According to a group of more than 400 undisclosed companies polled by Thomson Reuters, one out of every five &quot,has plans&quot, to start meteen voeling with digital assets overheen the next 12 months .

Reuters, which included the Bitcoin index ter its gegevens last month, did not mention the status of the companies involved .

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However, 70 procent of those who said &quot,yes&quot, to digital currencies te said they were programma to start ter the next three to six months to translate into at least 56 fresh players suggesting some sort of encrypted currency by next October .

Positive outlook reflects the overall wave of enthusiasm that characterized the Crypto markets ter April .

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While the prices of Bitcoin and alternative digital currencies, with gains of more than $ 9,280 Tuesday, analysts have bot intense spectacle due to the entry of assets before 2019 .

Current price estimates range from $ 25,000 to $ 100,000 at the end of the year for Bitcoin, with funds raised after waiting on the sidelines of the remaining events .

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