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Spil mentioned te “Meaning of rings on fingers“, a stadionring exposes a subconscious feeling that a person is either restricted or needs strengthening ter the traits related to that finger. So ter order to understand the meaning of wearing a stadionring on the thumb, very very first it’s useful to look at the traits that are associated with the thumb:

Thumb Traits and corresponding Thumb Stadionring Meaning

The thumb represents the following:

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  • Will power & Motivation: Wearing a stadionring on the thumb can expose a desire to strengthen the willpower and motivation. This can express itself ter several ways. Te some people their desire to boost their motivation and willpower can be voiced spil them putting on the appearance of being very go-getting and enthusiastic. Ter other people, the strong desire to be motivated may be there but they may not be feeling strong-willed enough to express it yet (hence the need for the supportive stadionring). Yet te other people, a thumb stadionring can represent a stubborn streak because their motivation and will is strengthened by the stadionring to the extent that they can be stubborn about getting their own way.
  • Control: By putting a stadionring of strength on the finger of control, a person with a thumb stadionring may express a need to have control overheen things. They may have a strong need to do things their own way. An example of this could be a style stylist or designer who likes influencing others regarding what to wear eg. style designer Rachel Zoe wears thumb rings spil seen ter this youtube movie. Jessica Alba has bot spotted wearing thumb rings sometimes and te this movie vraaggesprek mentioned how significant it is to hier to feel like she’s ter control of things.
  • Forcefulness & Aggression: Someone who wears a stadionring on the thumb may express aggressive tendencies spil this quality of forcefulness is strengthened.

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Wearing a thumb stadionring on the left vs right arm:

The left forearm corresponds to the private, private life (eg. at stulp with family) whereas the right palm relates to our more public life (eg. at work, ter society etc).

So wearing a thumb stadionring on the left arm indicates a stubbornness or a need to be ter control te your private life, whereas if the thumb stadionring if on the right mitt, this need voices itself more ter your public life.

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Celebrities spotted wearing thumb rings:

– Patti Stanger (I couldn’t find a photo but I noticed it ter some scenes when watching hier on Millionare Matchmaker)

Examples of situations where people may wear a thumb stadionring

  • The chick who is the leader of hier pack of friends, who loves telling people what to do, or how to do it. This may include youtubers who love sharing their beliefs on their Favorites with their many followers, knowing that their sharing of this information could lead to followers taking their advice.
  • The controlling wifey who loves bossing hier spouse and kids around.
  • People who love providing advice. Particularly those who use phrases like “What you need to do…” and similar slightly foreceful, slightly aggressive, controlling statements.
  • The controlling wifey who loves bossing hier spouse and kids around.
  • The matchmaker who thinks she knows exactly what kleuter of playmate is best for hier client, and who loves bossing hier clients around so that they arch to hier will and go after hier instructions on how to present themselves, what to say on a date, how to behave etc.
  • Tiener wanting to assert their own will to have control overheen their own life rather than doing what their parents want them to do.
  • The wifey who has an over-controlling mother-in-law, and wants to assert hier own power overheen hier household rather than providing ter to hier mother-in-law’s requests.
  • The hubby with an over-controlling wifey who is permanently telling him what to do and he wants to assert his himself more.
  • The woman who has a strong-minded group of friends who always want to do things THEIR way and she wants to get hier will te there too.
  • The person who feels a need to boost their motivation to thrust themselves to do that thing they want to do.
  • The inventor or enterpreneur who has a strong will, stubbornly wanting to see his invention / company come to life, and needs to support his will to have the tenacity to hold on ter the face of disappointments from investors and rejection.
  • The bodybuilder / exercise-fanatic who needs a boost of willpower and motivation to keep exercising regularly and eating healthily, even te the face of temptation.
  • The person who is fighting with an illness and feels a strong need to support their will to stubbornly hold on to health anad life and have the willpower to go through whatever needs to be done.
  • The employee who feels that they want to have more control overheen projects at work but may be feeling restricted by their boss.

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