Sunerok, the lead developer of the project, another vooraanstaand figure, XVGWhale, also works to popularize the project.

The Brink community attempts to keep on track, spil the Mindgeek partnership caused controversy.

Brink (XVG) remains a project with a mission, led onward by a few vooraanstaand figures. Beyond Justin Desquite, a.k.a. Sunerok, the lead developer of the project, another vooraanstaand figure, XVGWhale, also works to popularize the project. Curiously, the XVG market price is beginning to bounce again after the loss on the Asian markets. XVG is still the 2nd most traded asset on Binance.

XVG rose ter the past hours to around $0.07, but buying happens on much lower volumes compared to the rapid-fire selling of the past 24 hours, when the price peaked above $0.Ten.

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Recently, XVGWhale announced a gaming partnership, where a startup dealt away with the ICO idea, instead opting for using XVG ter its gaming ecosystem.

More will be known about the spel ecosystem te the coming weeks, but there is already an idea for the integration of the XVG asset:

Te the coming days, the effects of the large-scale XVG partnership should be felt, spil well spil the marketing campaign taken up by the adult webpagina. It is possible that the selling spree on the open markets wasgoed caused due to the relatively high XVG price, leading to trades to realize profits.

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Some believe the acceptance of XVG on PornHub spil a means of payment would be good for the world of crypto ter global, since this is another use case where a digital asset is used spil a form of payment.

According to the Edge social media, the Mindgeek parent company of the largest adult webpagina on the Internet approached XVG very very first. The controversial crowdfunding campaign, which gathered 75 million XVG coins, wasgoed a condition to be fulfilled – Mindgeek dreamed to be wooed the Brink project had enough of a community and partnership support. However, most of the funds were matched by TokenPay, and the community effort alone gathered less than one third of the required coins.

Mindgeek has also given indications that it may add XVG payments to other sites within its portfolio.

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The Brink team believes that the PornHub case is, ter fact, positive for pointing out the coin&rsquo,s anonymous features. Other use cases for the future may include medical marijuana, or other sensitive payments where confidentiality is preferred.

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