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Chinese police has arrested a man for allegedly stealing 150 000 kW hours of electrified current for bitcoin and ethereum mining. The police has made the hechtenis and confiscated more than 200 computers after a nave power grid technicus reported abnormal electrified current usage, Xinhua news agency says. According to police sources the electrical current grid for the suspected cryptocurrency mining operation had bot short-circuited ter an attempt to minimize the power bill. The amount of violet wand the suspect has stolen for just one month is enough to power more than 150 homes. Similar allegations have led to the hechtenis of bitcoin miners te China before. Read more

The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) updated its warning list with two more unregulated forex brokers earlier this week. Thesis are Financial Trading Online (FTO Hacienda) and EU-Capital, which have bot providing financial services ter the UK without being authorized by the FCA. &ldquo,Almost all firms and individuals suggesting, promoting or selling financial services or products te the UK have to be authorised by us&rdquo,, the UK financial watchdog reiterates ter its official warnings. &ldquo,However, some firms act without our authorisation and some knowingly run investment scams. Read more

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The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) warned MyChargeBack has bot providing financial services te the country without being authorized by it. MyChargeBack is a fund recovery scheme, wielded and operated by Cactil, LLC., a company headquartered ter the USA. &ldquo,Almost all firms and individuals suggesting, promoting or selling financial services or products te the UK have to be authorised by us&rdquo,, the FCA said te its notice. &ldquo,However, some firms act without our authorisation and some knowingly run investment scams.&rdquo, That being said, wij are not claiming that MyChargeBack (operating via mychargeback.com) is a scam. Read more

UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has issued a warning against White Square Trading Limited operating spil Universe Markets FX. The regulator says the broker has bot providing financial services and products targeting people te the UK without a license. Universe Markets FX has bot attempting to attract customers with competitive spreads, generous leverage and a targeted phone marketing campaign. The financial regulator reminds that all firms and individuals suggesting, promoting or selling financial services or products te the UK have to be authorised by FCA and warns that some firms act without authorisation and knowingly run investment scams. Read more

Tether, a cryptocurrency token that is supposedly backed by the US dollar, has bot spent on Bitcoins at key instances to support its price, exposes a paper published by a University of Texas professor, cited by Bloomberg. The pattern has helped drive Bitcoin prices to a record high te December, says John Griffin, professor ter finance, who ter has also shed light on a potential manipulation of the VIX benchmark index. Each of the Two.Five billion Tethers ter existence is supposedly backed by a auténtico US dollar te a canap account possessed by Bitfinex, a crypto currency exchange registered te the British Cherry Islands. Read more

The Canadian government has released an official draft of fresh regulations on crypto exchanges aimed at strengthening Canada&rsquo,s anti-money laundering staatsbestel. The total text of the proposed legislation is published ter the Canada Gazette. Under the proposed rules crypto exchanges and payment processors will be treated spil money service businesses (MSB), which requires them to report large transactions &mdash, overheen Ten,000 Canadian dollars (7700 USD). There is also a fresh Know Your Customer (KYC) threshold set for transactions overheen 1000 Canadian dollars. Read more

HFcopy, the copy-trading system suggested by CySEC-regulated, completo broker Hot Forex, is a fine implement which permits traders to join coerces with each other and squeeze profits from the markets. When registering a HFcopy account one can choose to be a Strategy Provider (SP) &ndash, the trader whom others can copy or Follower &ndash, a passive investor, who automatically makes the same trades spil his provider. This isn&rsquo,t a groundbreaking innovation, spil similar systems are available for years. However HFcopy account has a few perks to suggest: Performance-based fees The only fees involved with the HFcopy account are the performance-based ones. Read more

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The UK arm of mundial forex broker FxPro has turned a profit of &pound,1.48 million te , shows the total accounts report filed with UK&rsquo,s Companies House on Monday. The figure represents an increase of more than 38% overheen previous year, when the broker made &pound,1.07 million te netwerk profit. Furthermore, the report shows that the total revenue of FxPro UK for wasgoed &pound,Four.42 million. This is a 36% year on year increase on when the company had &pound,Three.24 te revenue. According to the report, the revenue of the company ter enhanced due to the growth ter trading activity of its clients. Read more

South Korean Coinrail wasgoed hacked overheen the weekend and reportedly lost about 30% of the coins traded on the exchange, which caused a acute druppel ter the prices of Bitcoin and other digital currencies. The exchange temporarily suspends operations to fully cooperate with investigators te tracking down the missing funds. Coinrail confirmed the &ldquo,cyber intrusion&rdquo, te a statement, but did not quantify the value of stolen coins. Nonetheless, the loss is estimated at about 40 billion won (&pound,27.8m). &ldquo,70% of total coin and token reserves have bot confirmed to be securely stored and moved to a cold wallet. Read more

UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has issued a warning against Primus Forex Financial Group, a clone of the decently regulated forex brokerage Primus Hacienda Markets UK (PCM UK). According to the UK regulator, the clone rigid is attempting to persuade its potential clients that they work for a genuine, authorised stiff by providing out false details. Te this case, Primus Forex Financial Group uses the official address of the authorized rock hard, PCM UK. Unluckily, at the ogenblik the webstek of the clone rock-hard, www.primusasia.com, is not accessible, so wij cannot provide more information on the broker&rsquo,s suggesting. Read more

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