Bitshifter Ransomware Will Steal Your Cryptocurrency Wallet Gegevens, NullTX

Ransomware threats come te many different shapes and sizes. Ter most cases, thesis types of malware will lock your rekentuig, encrypt files, and request a Bitcoin payment. Every now and then, however, wij see a very different type of malware, one which steals gegevens. Bitshifter is one of those ransomware types which not only requests a payment but also steals one’s cryptocurrency wallet information.

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Bitshifter Is a Very Dangerous Type of Ransomware

It sounds rather strange for malware developers to attempt and steal cryptocurrency wallet information. The main objective of distributing ransomware is to receive spil many Bitcoin payments spil possible. If the bad guys were to steal a wallet’s information and the private key before that payment could be made, victims would not be able to pay the ransom and have their files decrypted. That would seems like a very bad decision by the developers.

Ransomware developers are well aware that most victims won’t pay ransom to embark with. That’s because more and more people are becoming aware that paying a Bitcoin ransom is no assure to have their files decrypted. Te fact, it seems to be a 50/50 chance of whether or not one receives a decryption key after making the payment ter the very very first place.

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Wij live te an era where not enough people make gegevens backups, yet people are willing to take a gegevens loss overheen making a ransomware payment. That is both a bliss and a curse at the same time. Consumers and enterprises need to be aware of the importance of having gegevens backups. Granted, not every type of malware will permit users to restore files from a backup. Many ransomware types delete the shadow volume copies on the hard drive, making verkeersopstopping recovery almost unlikely.

Wij do not know much about Bitshifter at present. The malware strain wasgoed discovered earlier this week, and it is unclear how the malware is distributed or what type of encryption it uses. Wij have no idea how much money vereiste be paid to get rid of it either. Bitshifter does emerge to use a websocket connection to communicate with a guideline and control server, but that has not bot officially confirmed at this stage either.

Another fresh ransomware: Bitshifter.

This malware steals cryptocurrency wallets and constitutes a major threat. It seems that the malware steals Bitcoin wallet information very very first and foremost, albeit various altcoins may be affected spil well. It is anybody’s guess spil to the type of wallets thesis thieves are targeting, however it is safe to assume that no cryptocurrency is safe from harm. This malware may steal other gegevens spil well, including banking credentials, login information, and who knows what else.

It does not toebijten all that often that wij come across a ransomware with so much potential for cryptocurrency theft. Bitshifter will prove to be quiebro a troublesome lump of malware for fairly some time to come. Wij will keep an eye out for any reserve information regarding this malware and keep our readers informed accordingly. Bitshifter is a serious threat to all cryptocurrency users around the world.

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