Huobi Voordat launches Zcash

On December 6, Huobi Voordat, a digital asset exchange for cryptocurrency traders and investors made an announcement that it is going to list Zcash (ZEC), a permissionless cryptocurrency which aims at full-protection of the privacy of transactions using zero-knowledge cryptography.

Huobi Voordat announcement towards listing Zcash

Spil it wasgoed stated te the announcement, the deposits and withdrawals would be available from 14:00, December 6, , whether ZEC/BTC and ZEC/USDT trading will be available from 14:00, December 7, .

At the ogenblik of press, Zcash is being actively traded at such exchanges spil:

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Zcash Exchanges list

The news about Huobi Voordat launching Zcash were followed by a price rise of a coin, which rose almost 8% within past 24 hours from the price of $321 on December Five to $372 on December 6. Moreover, on December 6 at 6:34 UTC the market capitalisation of the Zcash exceeded $1 billion for the very very first time.

At the uur of press, thesis are main market parameters of Zcash:

Previously, wij reported that Huobi professional launched Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Contant, OmiseGo and Monaco tokens, and also that Zcash wasgoed listed on Binance and Bithumb.

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Spil announced ter Zcash Foundation`s postbode on the development, the hard fork is to strenghthen the protocol for reserve upgrades to the network, for example replay protection, versioning, a transactional expiry feature, and spil yet undetermined switches.The customers will be demanded to install the upgrade after the software is carried out.

The protocol assists for seamless network updates ter the future, such spil the much-awaited Sapling protocol designed to raise network scalability and speed. Zcash claims the forthcoming update is well-gained by significant third parties like Binance, Gemini and BitFinex, who will substantially support Overwinter. The foundation is also continually reviewing the list of third parties spil the entities confirm their involvement.

Theoretically, the network risks a blockchain split if any members of the community disregard the need to update the system and keep on with the old versions of Zcash. While Overwinter is low on features, it is significant to the broader network strategy spil further capabilities depend on the Overwinter update.

It`s worth to note that the friction is already happening te some places. On June 20, , D. Jane Mercer, the developer of the ZCash Windows wallet, WinZEC, threatened to zekering all coding activities spil the network the Zcash Foundation failed to fund his work. The community members nevertheless promptly donated funds to his wallet address.

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For miners running Zcash krankjorum, the official software has bot updated to automatically update to the latest software after block 347,500 is mined. However, if automatic updates are disabled, miners stand to can miss the fresh code. Zcash Foundation asks the users to abstain from using their wallets at least an hour before the scheduled update.

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  1. I also used this exchange and so far not any problem with them. My Deposit, Trading activity and withdrawal running slickly. This is good exchange and many altcoin available to trade there, just need more volume.

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