Korea – s Bithumb Exchange Allegedly Loses Millions Korean Won Hack

Hacking exchanges are not all that uncommon te the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Unluckily, such incidents have caused millions ter damages overheen the past few years. Korean news sources now voorliefde the Bithumb exchange has bot hacked spil well. The total harm remains unknown, but it is expected ems of millions of KRW have bot stolen. This is another black day for Bitcoin exchanges all overheen the world.

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Bithumb has made quiebro a name for itself spil a Bitcoin exchange. The Korean toneelpodium quickly became one of the world’s largest exchanges of trading volume. That success also attracts the wrong kleuter of people, unluckily. More specifically, the company has recently bot hacked, according to particular news sources. It is believed someone gained access to the verhoging’s backend. No one knows for sure how this happened, however.

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Bithumb Exchange is Dealing With a loterijlot of Issues

Interestingly enough, this alleged hack doesn’t disrupt day-to-day operations. Te fact, Bithumb is just operating spil ordinario. Several customers are complaining about missing balances, however. Not addressing the situation is not a good idea by the company, that much is certain. If a hack has indeed taken place, they need to punt an official statement sooner rather than zometeen. The company acknowledges some of its users have their information stolen. However, they don’t mention funds gone missing, tho’.

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Moreover, it emerges Bithumb has bot targeted for several days now. The company fought off a major DDoS attack not too long ago. The toneelpodium wasgoed inaccessible for some time, but matters were resolved swiftly. The company plans to reimburse users who have their private information stolen. A nice gesture, but it does not address the elephant te the slagroom. The world is worth to know whether or not funds have bot stolen.

Kyunghyang Shinmun states Bithumb is te voeling with relevant authorities regarding this incident. It emerges this hack is another example of exchanges growing beyond their capacity. More specifically, the influx of fresh traders puts a strain on the available resources. Wij have seen other exchanges suffer from this punt spil well via the years. None of thesis platforms are built to scale quickly, that much is overduidelijk. Events like thesis do not postbode well for the future of cryptocurrency.

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