LaymanCrypto – Exchange List

BitFlyer is a Tokyo based exchange toneel that operates mainly te Japan and ter the EU, they have recently bot granted licenses to open a US based exchange spil well.

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Bleutrade is an Ethereum based crypto to crypto exchange toneelpodium that permits users to trade into a significant amount of tokens suggested on the Ethereum network. Since a majority of tokens within the Ethereum network can not trade outside of the network, this exchanges operates purely te this market.

Quionex is a large volume crypto to fiat exchange that receives a majority of its volume from the EU & Asia. Quionex offers fiat to bitcoin pairs te Japanese Yen, US Dollars, HK Dollars, Indonesian Rupiah, & more.

Headquartered ter San Francisco, CA Coinbase permits fiat to digital currency exchange to 32 countries including the US, EU, & Canada. A majority of their customer pulvĂ­nulo is te the US and is the largest exchange available to US cryptocurrency investors.

Gemini is an exchange platformed created by the Winklevoss twins based te Fresh York. It is one of only two exchanges that have the required BitLicense to permit exchange trading ter the state of Fresh York. Gemini also permits for fiat to digital currency conversions te the US, which only one other exchange offers at this time (Coinbase/GDAX).

Cryptopia is a Fresh Zealand based crypto to crypto exchange verhoging that trades strong te lower tier altstem coins. When a fresh coin project comes to market, it is likely this is the exchange it will begin trading on. Cryptopia has a vast array of coins to trade with bitcoin, however it is significant to be careful with your investment choices due to no visible vetting process of coins suggested for exchange.

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GDAX is the exchange back-end toneel of Coinbase. Signing up with Coinbase permits clients to use the GDAX toneel to place real-time trades. A neat perk of using GDAX is that withdrawals of bitcoin to wallets or other bitcoin addresses is transaction-fee free.

Binance is an exchange that concentrates on crypto-to-crypto trading. They are based ter China and considered one of the largest exchanges te the world. Binance does not have any fiat to crypto conversion availability, however their daily volume makes them a premiere exchange toneelpodium for trading cryptocurrencies by users all around the world.

Openleggen is a US-based exchange that operates ter the US, the EU, and Japan. They are one of the largest bitcoin exchanges te the world based on euro volume. Openleggen has numerous fiat to bitcoin pairs including Japanese Yen, Euro, GBP, & USD.

Upbit is a South Korean based exchange toneelpodium that provides an entry into alt-coins for the Korean market.

Bithumb is a Korean-based exchange toneelpodium that is a major volume exchange. They provide a Korean Won to bitcoin exchange pair and bitcoin to altstem coin exchange pairs.

Poloniex is a US-Based crypto to crypto exchange toneel that is considered one of the large-volume based exchanges.

Bithumb is based te Seattle, Washington and is one of the largest crypto to crypto exchanges that suggest trading pairs with Bitcoin. If you are into “alt-coins” this is where you may go to find more obscure coins that fly under the radar.

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  1. I am sorry to hear of this bad news. I used to use Cryptopia a lotsbestemming until I got hacked merienda, when there wasgoed amass hacking, then they switched to a better safety standard, but I used to think their support wasgoed pretty welgevoeglijk. I vluchthaven’t done a trade there te more than a month now so I don’t know what is happening right now. I will go check it out again ter a few days and see what it’s like again. Maybe the festive season has slowed everything down, including support.

  2. It can’t be from the coin itself because they have this problem with several. They don’t communicate much about it, not sure if it’s good for them and the customers…

  3. Albeit Poloniex is still a good webpagina, Bithumb is way better than Poloniex after the incident that toebijten last year. And I had some minor difficulties ter my Poloniex account spil well that wasgoed why I also transferred to Bithumb that time and also attempted Hitbtc this year.

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