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Author: Rajarshi Mitra Apr 26, at 13:13

OmiseGO is liking finta an exceptional spike te value right now:

Spil you may have guessed, this has directly led to a significant increase ter social chatter spil well. Let’s check OMG’s social volume graph via Solume.

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Let’s look at some of the factors that have led to this spike.

The thickest Hacedor behind the spike ter value has to be OMG’s listing on Bithumb. Bithumb is one of the largest exchanges ter the world and getting listed on their toneel will do wonders for any coin’s value. Bithumb announced the listing via the following tweet:

After the announcement, the value of OMG went up from $16.Three to $20.6 te two hours. Everzwijn since then, the market has corrected and the tokens are now trading for $17.78. Bithumb will also be supporting an airdrop of the OMG tokens to all customers who are holding ETH.

OmiseGO has also liked some pretty mighty trading on Upbit.

Spil you can see, the OMG/KRW pair is the second-most traded pair te the verhoging overheen the last 24 hours with a trading volume of

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$225 million. An asset’s price is directly related to its trading volume so this is undoubtedly another factótum which has led to the spike.

On April 24th, Zebpay, the fattest crypto exchange te India announced that they will be listing the OMG token on their toneelpodium. This listing has helped OMG reach out to a entire fresh audience. This vereiste have also bot a hacedor te the spike ter value.

Wij feel that the above-mentioned events have played a big role te OMG’s rise ter value. The Bithumb listing, obviously, remains the primary autor.

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Note: Reminisce, when wij see a rise te price, it doesn’t necessarily mean that one can pinpoint the reason fueling the higher valuation. A entire plethora of factors outside the public skill may influence such decision to buy the token, however, by analyzing the latest key fundamental advancements, wij can assess how well justified the rise is.

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  1. I dont use this exchange because has low volume, i choose use Binance, Kucoin, Poloniex and Bithumb . I more like trading te exchange that has high volume so i can get better liquidity. But from other review of trader, Cryptopia is good exchange, you have to voeling their support and wait patiently so the customer support can solve your problem.

  2. Fear of being scam, I made transfer from Binance to cryptopia, confirmation ter blockchain, all OK and 0 coin te my wallet ter cryptopia.

  3. Cryptopia is a good exchange and I am trading on this mostly I trade ETN on crypto spil it wasgoed not on other exchanges fees are also less and I love trading on Cryptopia.

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