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Mainnet postponed and head and shoulders pattern about to finish forming. Effortless trade, would schrijven if I could

Waiting for a brekout out of the falling wedge, 50% until ATH, safe trade if wij wait for a rust out. Be sure to take profits along the way ter case bitcoin determines to shit the rivierbedding

0.382 fib level is powerless because wij’ve tested it many times. Looking to finish forming the cup and treat within the next few weeks, but would need bitcoin to act right. Geschreven term price activity, higher highs and highers lows. Macd appearing to want to cross sideways so there may be a consolidation period but fundamental analysis can nullify .

Cracking out of a massive bull flag, good project, pretty safe trade.

Bull pennant formed on the Four hour chart. With the mainnet realeased spil the end of may. The strong support at 500satoshis doesnt look like it wants to rust, making mij feel bullish. Waiting to see a rust out of the pennant before longing.

Shoutout to the dog pound for the ark note. If you want to join the telegram its here:https://t.mij/DogPoundPublic. Ok on to the analysis. Ark Just broke out of a descending triangle and if you eyed my QSP chart you would see the pump of QSP after it broke the descending triangle. Looking to test the resistances at the uur and will take profits at each fib .

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Cup and treat forming looking to inject a long position after it bounces off the 0.618 fib line to form the surplus of the treat

Broke out of the symmetrical triangle and now looking to pass the very very first two resistances before hitting the sway high from late march.

Looking to rust out of the symmetrical triangle. Waiting to see a breakout + retest of the upper trendline before going long.

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Head and shouders pattern formed, wil now test the neckline at the 573ish satoshi level and proceed to around 530satoshis if breached. If the head and shoulders pattern fails to rust the neckline wij could see a bounce and a dual bottom formed.

After it failed to form an inverse H&S, wij can see an descending triangle pattern formed. At this point wij will look for a rust of the resistance or support line and a retest of the line violated to see if it has bot confirmed spil fresh resistance/support. On the RSI there is a hidden bullish divergence and the macd has crossed. The project delayed the mainnet .

Phat falling wedge formed the past Three months on the QP chart. Will wait for a rust out and RETEST of the resistance line to see if it turns to sufficient support. If it does I go long there and the targets are just the fibonacci lines. QSP has excellent fundamentals also, making it a low risk trade.

QSP finding its bottom. Good buy zone.

Inverse head and shoulders almost accomplish, with the right shoulder forming right now. If it violates through the neckline and very very first resistance level the target would be the 0.236 fib level. Mainnet is being launched tomorrow so it will likely drive it up past the very very first resistance.

Lots of news coming from the Icon team, Bithumb listing and Upbit listing. Very very first target 5k Satoshis. If wij fly through it expect more uptrend.

Broke support with a head and shoulders pattern expect it to druppel to the next support

Ripple pattern looks similar to last years.

Target 0.618 fib. Puny bounce to upper trend line, if it fails wij will druppel to the lower trend line and look at the 0.786 fib level, if it succeeds I expect consolidation te the 0.382 and 0.Five fib level

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